FC Services

Fosmore Construction services are very specific, skill based and personal. We believe building trust and good communication with our clients results in a successful outcome. With all remodeling, design informs the budget. Once the design is finished, FC is ready to start the estimate. Depending on the size of the project, the estimate costs are either on a separate contract or are included in the overall production budget.

Architectural Drafting & Design
Our Trade Partners need accurate dimensions and details to be able to quantify the materials and labor necessary to achieve your goals. Homeowners contemplating remodeling can hire Fosmore Construction’s Architectural Drafter to develop plans for their project.

Our Architectural Drafter has 5+ years of design experience and has worked in the construction field for 15 years. His field experience informs his fluency in local dialects of the Mid Century Modern and Craftsman design languages. A practical understanding of functional space combined with his intimate knowledge of the building process tethers his designs to constructability and affordability. Our online meetings allow the client to view three dimensional renderings of their project from every angle and request changes on the fly. The AD is paid on a time and material basis and his fees are typically 8-10% of the projected job cost.

If Design Support is needed, a separate hourly fee is paid for our in-house Design Consultant to advise, shop, and help coordinate finishes for the clients desired look. Finishes includes plumbing fixtures, tile, wall paint color choices, kitchen and bathroom cabinet colors and layout, counter selections, and lighting.

For an extensive remodel it is important to address if any walls are load bearing. Attic and crawl space inspections reveal how the home was built and are very important for remodeling success. A consultation will assess whether a Structural Engineer is needed for permitting and if we are able to safely remove the wall.